It's gonna be a long walk


Grasping… Crawling… Rolling… Walking… Running… Leaping… Falling…


It’s all about my dream. It’s all about performing. It’s all about believing.


Being an odd one is always like producing fire from damp wood; obtaining water from the parched ground. We are glad that we have your support.

This is for you. This for our surroundings. This is for our future generation.



Jet Leang


Assistant choreographer:

Tan Xin Yen



Adam Tan Sau Gee

Anthony Fong Weng Hong

Clement Pau Kah Chun

Flora Foong Bao Hui

Joyce Yeoh Li Jing

Nicolle Fong Xiao Tong

Tan Xin Yen

Wong Lee Ming


Voice actor:

Sonia foo


Video Conceptual:

Alvin Chow

Jet Leang


Costume design:

Pa Ya Hui Jet Leang


Lighting Design:

Jet Leang


Photography:  Joie Koo and Erin Lim


Choreography: It's gonna be a long walk Copyright © Joie Koo Erin Lim

© JLDT by Jet Leang Dance Theatre. Proudly created with

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