Jet Leang Dance Theatre (JLDT)

Jet Leang Dance Theatre (JLDT) is a young contemporary dance company in Penang, Malaysia, founded by Jet Leang in the year 2018. Jet Leang has been involved in numerous productions locally and internationally as dancer, choreographer, costume designer, lighting designer, and stage manager. 

The mission of JLDT is to create opportunities for the community in Penang to explore the contemporary dance culture, inspire local community, enhance the interest and appreciation in contemporary dance culture. We encourage artistes to innovate dance work that allow them to enlighten the creativity, better connection with the body and mind, story telling through dance to the world, make Penang art scene grow into a diverse circumstances.

We aspirer to create an in-depth understanding and promote different dance style to community in Penang. We believe we will make a change for Penang art scene and lead it into another level of growth.