Jet Leang Dance Theatre (JLDT)

Jet Leang Dance Theatre (JLDT) is a young contemporary dance company officially founded by Jet Leang in the year of 2018 and based in Penang, Malaysia. Jet Leang has been involved in numerous productions locally and internationally as dancer, choreographer, costume designer, lighting designer, and stage manager. With the experience he have obtained throughout his dance journey, he decided to be back at his home ground to contribute to the dance scene. Jet Leang taken up the challenge of art education by setting up a company in Penang to provide the knowledge of what and how is like to a professional dancers and choreographer in a full time company to the public in Penang. He know this journey is gonna be a long walk but on behalf of JLDT, he has a desire to offer a visceral journey which shakes inner emotions through dancing to everyone.

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