JLDT Training Program

JLDT Training Program 2020

JLDT Training Program is a subdivision of Jet Leang Dance Theatre (JLTD).

JLDT Training Program was born out of the need for a platform that provides budding young dancers the opportunity to gain professional-level experience as part of a contemporary dance company. Up to 10 dancers will be selected each season to work with the company and will be allowed to perform original works created by the artistic team  (JLDT/Guest Choreographers) in professional venues both locally and internationally.

The training is designed to foster a realistic appreciation of the professional working environment, allowing students to not only observe, but participate in all aspects of a professional performing dance company -  which includes rehearsal and production processes, creating work with choreographers, and gaining experiences through professional performance schedules. With a unique program consisting of not only standard training and performance regimes but also applied interdisciplinary art, JLDT Training Program hopes to groom each potential dancer in preparation for their future professional practices.

JLDT Training Program Outline

From January 7th to February 1st, 2019, there will be an intensive preparation course for potential students who wish to be part of JLDT Training Program, after which up to 10 dancers will be selected to join the company. The preparation course will train students to understand and apply the interdisciplinary art concepts and methodology used by JLDT.

Selected dancers from the preparation course will go through intensive training in the areas of ballet, contemporary techniques, floor work techniques, dance improvisation and composition, and movement and choreographic research. These dancers will be allowed to work with dance professionals and will be encouraged to take creative initiatives, building networks in an environment that supports professional collaboration and increases career opportunities.

Alongside the formal development of performance and creative skills, students also have the opportunity to gain valuable experience in art education and undertake additional training in pilates, physical theatre, music, visual arts, literature, history of art, art business management and choreography.

Duration of the training: 1 season, January till December (with the possibility to extend for another season).

Comprehensive Timeline:

15th November 2019: Applicants need to send an application form, 2-3 minute video solo, updated CV and a headshot to info@jetldt.com.

20th November 2019: Audition for JLDT Training Program Preparation Course

January - February: Intensive Preparation Course

January - December: Training and Performance (for selected dancers)


Ballet Techniques

Contemporary dance technique

Floor work technique


Dance Improvisation and Composition

Movement research

Art Management

Dance Production

Dance Repertoire

Guest choreographer workshop

Individual coaching session with the artistic team


Admission Requirements:

All applicants should have at least a pre-professional level of dance training or finish professional dance training. Applicants will be required to send an application form, 2-3 minute video solo, updated CV and a headshot. Acceptance into the program will be based on potential, technical and creative ability shown at the video audition + the one-month intensive training.


Fee 1-month intensive: RM2,000 -


Fee for the formation: RM1000, – per month for 12 months.


Dancers can also choose to only follow the 1-month intensive training at the beginning of a term, fee: RM3000, -.


On request, you can also be part of the JLDT Training Program for 3 or 6 months (1-month intensive + formation fee for the duration of your stay).


Exchange program, 9 months JLDT training program from January till December inclusive of daily training classes, performances and 6 sessions of private coaching + 3 months exchange program at Dance in Art, The Netherlands from April till June or October till December inclusive of daily training classes, performances and 3 sessions of private coaching. Fee: RM 10000 (9 months) + Euro 1500 (3 months)


Registration fee (non refundable): RM100,-


Administration costs: RM50, -

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