Dance Performing Program

JLDT x Omnis Dance Performing Program is a collaboration between Jet Leang Dance Theatre (JLTD) and Omnis Academy of Performing Arts


JLDT x Omnis Dance Performing Program was born out of the need for a platform that provides budding young dancers with the opportunity to focus on performance quality and to gain experience at a professional level. The training is designed to foster a realistic understanding of the professional working environment, allowing students to not only observe, but to also participate in all aspects of a professional performing stage -  which includes technical training and rehearsals, creating original works with choreographers, and gaining experiences through professional performance schedules. With a unique program consisting of not only standard training and performance regimes but also applied interdisciplinary art, JLDT x Omnis Dance Performing Program hopes to equip and groom each potential dancer in preparation for their future professional practices.


JLDT x Omnis Dance Performing Program Outline


JLDT x Omnis Dance Performing Program will train students to understand and apply the interdisciplinary art concepts and methodology used by JLDT.


Students will go through training in the areas of ballet, contemporary techniques and floor work techniques. These students will be given the opportunity to work with dance professionals and will be encouraged to take on creative initiatives. There will also be an annual production - ‘I’mpossible’ - to allow the students to present the works they have created and worked on with professional choreographers through their training and rehearsals.


We believe performing quality and professionalism should be trained and cultivated from a young age. Therefore we will be designing two different classes: Morganite for 7-12 years old and Obsidian for 13-17 years old to cater to different age groups.

Duration of the training:  4 classes per month.

Morganite 7-12 years old, 1.5 hours class per week 

Obsidian 12-17 years old - 2 hours class per week



Ballet techniques

Contemporary dance technique

Floorwork techniques



Admission Requirements:

Fee 1-month: Morganite 7-12 years old RM300 

                             Obsidian 12-17 years old RM400

Registration fee (non-refundable): RM80

*note: fees include choreography fees, costumes and extra rehearsal fees.