Nov 30, 2019

2.00PM - 6.00PM

Contemporary Dance Workshop by Shou-Yi Goh
1/12/2019 @ penangpac

Beginner Level
2.00pm to 4.00pm

Intermediate/ Advance Level
4.00pm to 6.00pm

Dec 20, 2018

8.30 p.m. penangpac


Jet Leang Dance Theatre presents Face The mirror

A conversation with myself. Do I have a question about myself? How deep do I understand myself? Do I have pride in what I am doing?


Face the mirror is the first ever solo performance by Jet Leang.


Jet Leang is a new breed choreographer and the artistic director of Jet Leang Dance Theatre who born and raised in Penang, Malaysia. He started his training when he's 15 years old with breakdancing and hip-hop. To further his dream as a dance artist, he went to Nanyang Academy of Fine Art(NAFA) in the year of 2010. He graduated from NAFA in the year 2013. After graduating, he was dancing with a few Choreographers and dance company. Besides that, He did choreograph for Chingay 2012(Singapore) titled “ Triumph Over Challenges” and another one of his choreography title “ The past that can never be again” won the gold medal at Asia Youth festival 2013 in Hong Kong. In Sep 2015, He moves to the Netherlands to do a choreography research under the mentorship of Martine van Santen and several choreographers such as Rianne Slenema and Ester Natzijl. After his research in Netherland, he was invited to choreograph “ Nutcracker” in Gateway Entertainment, Singapore alongside with the artistic vision of Fang Dong Kai. In 2018 he decided to be back in hometown to support the dance scene in Penang and founded Jet Leang Dance Theatre. In October 2018, He also assisting a well know Thai choreographer Pichet Klunchun to complete the opening choreography “MI(X)G” for Festival Tokyo. This is the beginning of his journey - A journey to fulfills his dream and to motivate others.


Date: 21st and 22nd December 2018


Time: 8.30pm


Venue: Stage 2, penangpac


Tickets: RM48 (standard)

  RM38 (concession)

  RM28 (Earlybird)


Sep 13, 2019

8.30pm penangpac

I’mpossible by JLDT

I’mpossible is a production bring in residency choreographer to explore and uniquely create choreography for Jet Leang Dance Theatre with the artistic development and constant grow of the company.

In this seasons, we have Jinn Lau, the artistic director of JinnD Production, bringing us ‘HEADer’. Then follow by Sufri Juwahir, Choreographer and dancer of Soul SIgnature (Singapore), creating a piece name ‘Unheard of’. Beside that, this year we are honour to have Soul Signature to perform ‘Decipher’ with us in I’mpossible with Sufri Juwahir and Sheriden Newman.

Date: 14th September 2018

Time: 8.30pm

Venue: Stage 1, penangpac

Tickets: RM68 (standard)
RM58 (concession)
RM48 (earlybird)

Jun 02, 2018

3 pm - penangpac

Deadline for applications : May 31 

Admission Requirements:

All applicants should have at least pre-professional level of dance training or finish professional dance training. Applicants will be required to send an application form, updated CV, a headshot and attending the audition. Acceptance into the program will be based on potential, technical and creative ability shown at the audition + the one-month intensive training from April 8th until May 9th, 2018.

Fee 1-month intensive: RM2,000 -

Fee for the following month: RM800, – per month for 8 months.

Applicants can also choose to only the 1-month intensive training at the beginning of a term, fee: RM3000, -.

On request, you can also be part of the JLDT Training Program for 3 or 6 months

(1-month intensive + monthly fee for the duration of your stay).

Exchange program, 6 months JLDT training program from April till September inclusive of daily training classes, performances and 6 sessions of private coaching + 3 months exchange program at Dance in Art, The Netherlands from October till December inclusive of daily training classes, performances and 3 sessions of private coaching. Fee: RM 6000 (6 months) + Euro 1300 (3 months)

Registration fee (non refundable): RM100,-


Administration costs: RM50, -

May 25, 2018

17:00 PM

Contemporary Dance Workshop by Hoi Cheng Sim

26/5/2018 @ penangpac


Beginner Level

5.00pm to 6.45pm


Advance Level

7.00pm to 8.45pm

Jun 10, 2018

11.00 am - penangpac

Wondering what to do between 11th and 15th June? 

JLDT is holding a full week of morning workshop and opening its classes for you! 
Train, explore, and improve within a week with us!

Another great news: you can choose the RM428 and have your ticket to see our June production '22 a.m. - 65 p.m.?' at penangpac - stage 2 - 15&16 June!

Don't miss your chance and contact us for more infos - limited spot

Jun 14, 2018

Jet Leang Dance Theatre is proudly present the first ever production ‘22 a.m. - 65 p.m.?’ with Performing Art Center of Penang as co-presenter. 

'22 a.m.- 65 p.m.?' is choreographed by Jet Leang and Mathilde Pailley. ‘22 a.m. - 65 p.m.?’ portray a person arrive at the moment of 22 and pass the moment after 65. This choreography is about expending various visions of human behavior to growing social awareness.

Tickets: RM38, RM28(Concession)

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